Curso Sinergología aplicada al liderazgo y gestión de equipos

    Synergology on Leadership and Team management

    Synergology on Leadership and Team management
    March 18th $ 19th from 9:30 to 12:30 (CET)




    • To improve our understanding about our workmates emotional states and their motivations.
    • To identify disagreement, passivity or reticence among the team members.
    • To recognize the informal leaders in the team and improve our relationship with them.
    • To understand the silences during the meetings.
    • To become aware of the leader´s message and how the consistency or inconsistency between his body language and speech are impacting on the final result.
    • To improve your public speaking and oratory skills.


    1. Synergology is not behaviouralist.
      • Leaders are natural-born or self-made?
      • Unmaking myths.
    2. What does the leader know about himself and about the others?
      • Holystic, contextual and fragmented analysis approach: the three synergologist looks.
    3. Leader´s trip from the personal sphere to the public stage.
      • Emotional states
      • Facial expressions of emotions
    4. The relationship between the leader and the followers: the power.
      • Personal and public space management
      • Your walking pattern
      • The way you sit down
      • Pronation and supination
    5. When the leader lose his head.
      • Head axes:
        • Empathy, Approval, Rejection, Superiority, submission, neutrality, rela interest in connnecting with the other person, estrangement…
    6. What do they know about me when they can only see my trunk?
      • Semi-unconscious and unconscious movements
      • Does the leader breathe in or breathe out?
      • Arms movements
      • Hands movements
    7. What do they know about me when they can only see my legs?
      • Legs movements
    8. Leader´s micromovements: your credibility is at stake.
        • Caresses
        • Itching
        • Bindings
        • Pressure
    9. Eyes body language.
      • What does your gaze say?
      • Better understanding of the one who is looking at you
    10. Leadership types and their impact on relationships
      • When the leader adapts his attitude to others
      • When the followers adapt their attitude to the leader
      • When the observers adapt their attitude or keep watching

    Dates and Time

    9 hours live from Zoom.


    200€ per participant.



    Number of participants

    Between 5 and 15 persons.

    Arancha Gayoso reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to low enrollment. Communication for canceled is sent via email. Your class fee will automatically be refunded.

    In case the student needs to cancel his/her registration before the course starts, please read our cancellation and returns policy.

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