Curso Sinergología aplicada al coaching

    Synergology on coaching

    Synergology on coaching
    March 18th $ 19th from 9:30 to 12:30 (CET)




    • To improve the understanding of the client´s emotional state during the sessions.
    • To identify the client´s comfort or discomfort level during the process.
    • To read effectively the impact of the powerful coaching questions and insights
    • To identify inconsistencies between the clients’ body language and his / her speech.
    • To increase your body language self-awareness and how it may help you to build real rapport with your client.


    1. The relationship between the coach and the client.
      • Promoting the most appropriate synergological space.
    2. The information provided by the posture
      • Different authority postures
      • Rols and inconsistencies
      • Sitting posture
    3. Emotional states
      • How can you read 8 different emotional states
    4. The facial expressions: micromovements.
    5. The face
      • Vasodilatation and Contraction.
      • Eyes quadrants.
      • Absence and Presence.
      • Sanpakus
    6. Hands movements.
      • Differences between scratching, caressing, pinching and clamping.
      • Your hands movements will reveal your inner preferences.
    7. Feet and legs movements.
      • Comfort and Discomfort in your client.
      • Relax

    Dates and Time

    9 hours live from Zoom.


    200€ per participant.



    Number of participants

    Between 5 and 15 persons.

    Arancha Gayoso reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to low enrollment. Communication for canceled is sent via email. Your class fee will automatically be refunded.

    In case the student needs to cancel his/her registration before the course starts, please read our cancellation and returns policy.

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